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Stuart, D., M. Sandström, H. M. Youssef, S. Zakhrabekova, P. E. Jensen, D. Bollivar, and M. Hansson, "Barley Viridis-k links an evolutionarily conserved C-type ferredoxin to chlorophyll biosynthesis", The Plant Cell, 2021.
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Youssef¬, H. M., R. Koppolu, T. Rutten, V. Korzun, P. Schweizer, and T. Schnurbusch, "Genetic mapping of the labile (lab) gene: a recessive locus causing irregular spikelet fertility in labile-barley (Hordeum vulgare convar. labile)", Thor appl gene , vol., 2014. 2014_tag_genetic_mapping_of_the_labile_gene.pdf
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Youssef, H. M., R. Koppolu, and T. Schnurbusch, "Re-sequencing of vrs1 and int-c loci shows that labile barleys (Hordeum vulgare convar. labile) have a six-rowed genetic background", Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, vol. 59, issue 7, pp. 1319-1328, 2012. 2012_my_paper_new_formate_oct_2012.pdf