ONE Lab Research Team

Sondos  Ismail

Sondos Ismail

MASc/German University in Cairo

"Design of Physical to Digital MEMS Sensors", co-supervised with Dr. Ahmed Madian, February 2014-January 2015.
-Currently working as a Teaching Assistant at the Misr International University (MIU).

Ahmed  Kamal

Ahmed Kamal

MASc/Cairo University

"Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration Techniques for Software Defined Radio Hardware Implementation", co-supervised with Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shalash, May 2016-July 2017.
- Currently a PhD Candidate at TU Dresden, Germany.

Mohamed  Mohie

Mohamed Mohie

MASc/Cairo University

"Design for Yield for Sub-22nm FinFET-Based FPGA", co-supervised with Dr. Hossam Fahmy, July 2014-Feb. 2017.
-Currently working at "Mentor Graphis"

Sherif  Nafea

Sherif Nafea

PhD/Suez Canal University

"Performance Enhancement of Emerging Memory Technologies Using Memristor–Based Structures", co-supervised with Dr. Ahmed A.S. Dessouki, Dr. S. El-Rabaie, and Dr. Kh.El-Barbary., Sept. 2012 - May 2018.
-Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Suez Canal University.

Karim  Osama

Karim Osama

MASc/Cairo University

"Successive Approximation Register with Continuous Dis-Assembly (SAR-CD) Algorithm and Circuit Design for Time-Based Analog to Digital Converters (TADC)", co-supervised with Dr. Ahmed Emira, June 2014-June 2016.
- Currently a PhD candidate at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Ahmed  Sadek

Ahmed Sadek

MASc/Cairo University

"Software Defined Radio Using Parial Dynamic Reconfiguration", co-supervised with Prof. Dr. Amin Nassar, February 2014-February 2016.

- Currently a  PhD Candidate at TU Dresden, Germany.

Mohamed  Wagih

Mohamed Wagih

MASc/Cairo University

"Design of Time Based Analog to Digital Converter (T-ADC): New Design Methodology for Voltage-to-Time-Converter (VTC) Circuits", co-supervised with Prof. Dr. Serag Habib, since January 2014-June 2015.
-Currently a PhD Candidate at University of Toronto, Canada.