Academic Year (2016-2017) Second Term: Writing Researched Essays


This term I'll be teaching First Year, Section F, in the English Language and Literature Dept. how to write a researched essay. We have already been trained in the first term on writing academic essays and they are totally aware of what Plagiarism is. Thus, in order to avoid it we are going to study this term how to cite our sources when writing a researched essay.

The Course also covers how to use the library, and how to search the internet using important googling tips. In order to do so, we will pay a class visit to the Central Library of Cairo University, and we will have a session or two in the Faculty's computer laboratory.

Textbook :Longman Academic Writing Series

I am also teaching Syntax to second year students.This Syntax course is mainly about English Grammar which is the study of sentence structure. The approach adopted here is "Word Grammar" which is a grammar model developed by Richard Hudson in the 1980's that claims that grammatical knowledge is  largely a body of knowledge about wordsThis model is based on the "Dependency Grammar Model" in which information is considered as contained almost entirely in the lexical items, i.e. in the 'words' and syntax is seen as consisting primarily of rules for combining words. 

Textbook: English Grammar


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