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Name: Hesham Ahmad Yousef
Date of Birth: 12-7-1960

Tel. : Mob.: 01001990165 Office: 35676814

* Academic Bachground:
   B. Sc. (1983). Entomology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.
   M. Sc. (1988). Insect Physiology
   Ph. D. (1995). Insect Biochemistry and Cell Biology
   Assistant professor (2000- 2006)
   Professor (2006 up till now)

*Research Field:
    Insect Biochemistry (Protein Biochemistry- stress proteins- Immunobiochemistry)

* Teaching:
- Under graduate:
      Insect Biochemistry
      Cell Biology
      Insect Physiology
- Postgraduate:
      Insect Biochemistry
      Insect Metabolism
      Insect Nutrition and Bioenergetics
      Biomembranes: structure and function.

*Academic and administrative positions: 

- Vice-dean of education and students' affairs - Faculty of Science, Cairo University (since 2018 till 2020).

- Manger of Environmental Service Center in Faculty of Science (from October 2015 to 2018).

- Unit Manager of Community Service and Environmental Development in the Faculty of Science, Cairo University (2013-2016).

- Member of the editorial board of " Journal of Evolutionary biology Research, JEBR", an international journal in Biology (2010-present).

- Member of the editorial board of "Efflatounia", an annual periodical in Entomology (2001-2008), refereed strictly by professionals from international universities and institutes.

-Member of the Referees board of the Egyptian Universities promotion committee (2009- present).

- Reviewer for many international journals.

- Coordinator for Division of Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Science in the Entomology Department.