Call for Papers: International Journal of Fuzzy Computation and Modeling (IJFCM)

Call for Papers: International Journal of Fuzzy Computation and Modeling (IJFCM)

The editorial board of the International Journal of Fuzzy Computation and Modeling (IJFCM) is pleased to announce the call for submission of papers for the first issue of the journal. 

The International Journal of Fuzzy Computation and Modeling (IJFCM) is a quarterly, blind peer-reviewed journal that seeks to advance knowledge and practice in the areas of fuzzy mathematics, interval mathematics, soft computing, granular computing, and computation in general, by publishing high-quality, evidence-based research representing the theoretical and experimental aspects related to these areas. The journal is international in scope and reaches both academic and practitioner audiences. 

IJFCM publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports, case studies and book reviews. Special Issues devoted to recent advances in important topics related to the journal will occasionally be published. 

The editorial board of IJFCM is interested in receiving manuscripts related to different facets of the aforementioned scientific fields. Articles considered for publication will include but not be limited to the following: 

  • Fuzzy sets and systems.
  • Fuzzy information.
  • Fuzzy engineering (fuzzy FEM/BEM, integral equations, etc.).
  • Fuzzy topology and analysis.
  • Fuzzy optimization and expert systems.
  • Fuzzy probability and statistics.
  • Fuzzy biology, fuzzy modeling in robotics, nuclear structures, and environment.
  • Fuzzy logic, control and systems.
  • Fuzzy differential equations, system of equations and eigenvalue problems.
  • Fuzzy rough sets, granular computing, soft set theory, lie groups and applications.
  • Fuzzy neural networks, genetic algorithms, graph theory and other hybrid machine intelligence techniques.
  • Fuzzy linguistics, cryptography, computing with words and quantum computation.
  • Fuzzy education, socioeconomic, decision support and management systems.
  • Interval mathematics, soft computing, and uncertainty modeling.
  • Fuzzy stochastic/time series modeling, wavelets, numerical methods and related topics.


Additional information about the journal is available on the IJFCM web page: 

All articles for this journal must be submitted using our online submissions system. For more information on preparing and submitting manuscripts, please visit: 

The journal will be soon included in a number of the world's most comprehensive abstracting and indexing databases that are accessible to academic and practitioner audiences. 

We hope you will consider submitting a manuscript for publication in IJFCM

Hend Dawood

Associate Editor, International Journal of Fuzzy Computation and Modeling (IJFCM).