Graduate Students

M.Sc. Students

    • Mohamed Assem, 2016 ” On Enhancing the Performance of Bufferless Network-on-Chip”.
    • Marwa Mahmoud, 2015 ” Sink Nodes Deployment in Wireless Sensor Networks”. 
    • Essam Elsayed, 2015 ”On Designing Efficient Digit Serial-Serial Multipliers”.
    • Sherin Omran, 2013 “Optimization of Technical Stock Market Indicators Using Genetic Algorithms”. 
    • Abeer Farouk, 2011‘‘On the Influence of Selection Function on the Performance of Fat-Trees under Hot-Spot Traffic’’
    • Mohamed Abdelgawad, Dec. 2010, “On the ranking of Boolean Information Retrieval Model”
    • Mohamed Bouhalfaia, 2007, “Memory Optimization Techniques for Embedded Systems”.
    • Ashraf Abul-Jabeen, 2008, “Procedure Placement for Cache Miss-Rate Reduction”

    Ph.D. Students

    • Ahmed Abdel-khaleq Aboulfarag, Ph.D. thesis, 2009, ” New Techniques for Improving Utilization of Dynamically Reconfigurable Devices in On-line and Real-time Environment”