Perfusion indices revisited.

Hasanin, A., A. Mukhtar, and H. Nassar, "Perfusion indices revisited.", Journal of intensive care, vol. 5, pp. 24, 2017.


Monitoring of tissue perfusion is an essential step in the management of acute circulatory failure. The presence of cellular dysfunction has been a basic component of shock definition even in the absence of hypotension. Monitoring of tissue perfusion includes biomarkers of global tissue perfusion and measures for assessment of perfusion in non-vital organs. The presence of poor tissue perfusion in a shocked patient is usually associated with worse outcome. Persistently impaired perfusion despite adequate resuscitation is also associated with worse outcome. Thus, normalization of some perfusion indices has become one of the resuscitation targets in patients with septic shock. Although the collective evidence shows the clear relation between impaired peripheral perfusion and mortality, the use of different perfusion indices as a resuscitation target needs more research.