Mbbch        1990 Cairo University.

Ms.             Master of Surgery, Cairo University 1994.

MD             Neurosurgery, Cairo University 1999.

Work Experience

Internship    From Sept. 1990 to Aug.1991. Fulltime intern at Cairo Univ. teaching hospitals (4000 beds) rotating through different medical and surgical specialties for 2 months each , my major being Neurosurgery .

Residency    From sept. 1991 to sept. 1994 . Fulltime resident at Cairo univ. teaching hosp., neurosurgery dept. The residency training program included six months neurosurgical emergencies , six months pediatric neurosurgery , six months spinal surgery training , six months vascular neurosurgery , six months skull base surgery  and six months minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques .

During the residency I obtained my master degree in surgery , my research work was about  Craniocervical Instability .

Assistant Lecturer of Neurosurgery   From Oct. 1994 to Oct  1999 . Fulltime post at Cairo Univ. hospital .This included six months pediatric neurosurgery in pediatric Cairo university hospital.

My main duties were;

Assisting in most of the neurosurgical operations and performing many under supervision of senior staff.

Research work activity for the MD about Extradural Craniovertebral Pathology which was completed in May 1997.

Undergraduate student Teaching program . Assisting in teaching , training and examining Medical and nursing students .

Organizing different scientific and audit meetings .

Actively participating in neurosurgical conferences and workshops, local and national.

Lecturer of Neurosurgery from Oct. 1999 till October 2004. Full time permanent post at Cairo University hospital after passing the MD .This included one year pediatric neurosurgery in the pediatric neurosurgical unit at Abouelreesh pediatric hospital that belongs to Cairo University hospitals.

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery:  From October 2004 till November 2009 at the department of Neurosurgery-Cairo University.

Professor of Neurosurgery:  From November 2009 till now at the department of Neurosurgery-Cairo University.