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Universal Academic Cluster International January Conference in Bangkok-Thailand, 17-18 January 2019

Hassan El Shimi represents Cairo University and Egypt at the Universal Academic Cluster International January Conference in Bangkok-Thailand (17-18 January 2019). 

El Shimi has accepted research paper in the conference about "Water Desalination using Microalgae".

acceptance_invitation_letter.pdf535.91 KB
"El Shimi, H. I. ", and S. S. " "Mostafa, "Biodiesel production from microalgae grown on domestic wastewater: Feasibility and Egyptian case study", Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 82, issue 1, pp. 4238–4244, 2018. el_shimi_paper_jan2018.pdf
"El Shimi, H. I. ", S. T. " "El-Sheltawy, R. A. " "Sary El-Deen, and M. M. " "El-Shafei, "Use of sludge membrane filters as an alternative method for processing wastewater treatment", Desalination and Water Treatment, vol. 80, issue 1 , pp. 106-112, 2017. el_shimi_2017.pdfel_shimipaper_2017.pdf