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Wareth, G., A. Hikal, M. Refai, F. Melzer, U. Roesler, and H. Neubauer, "Review Animal brucellosis in Egypt", J Infect Dev Ctries , vol. 8, issue 11, pp. 1365-1373, 2014. animal_brucellosis_in_egypt__review.pdf
Wareth G1, Hikal A, R. M, Melzer F, Roesler U, and N. H., "Animal brucellosis in Egypt.", J Infect Dev Ctries. , vol. 13;, issue 8(11):, pp. 1365-73. ., 2014.
Winkle, S., M. Refai, and R. Rohde, "On the antigenic relationship of Vibrio cholerae to Enterobacteriaceae. ", Ann. Inst. Pasteur , vol. 123,, pp. 775-781, 1972. winkle_anninstpast_1.pdf