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Safwat, E., Wahba, S., N. Metwally, and M.: Refai, "Incidence of salmonellae and other Gram negative organisms in Balady ducks and infantile eggs.", J. Egypt. Vet. Med. Ass. , vol. 46, , pp. 199-206 , 1986. salmonella_in_ducks_and_eggs.pdf
Safwat, E., Saad, F., H. El Sawah, and M.: Refai, "Occurrence of salmonellae in imported sheep, cattle and camels slaughtered at Cairo abattoir..5)", J. Egypt. Vet. Med. J., vol. 45, , pp. 4, 37-42 , 1985. salmonella_in_ducks_and_eggs.pdf
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Saleh, H. A., M. El-Hariri, A. A. Moawad, and M. K. Refai, "Genotyping of Candida albicans and Cryptococcus neoformans Isolates", International Journal of Genetics , vol. 1, issue 2, pp. 27-35, 2011. genotyping_of_candida_albicans_and_cryptococcus_neoformans_isolates_recovered.pdf
Saleh, H. A., A. A. Moawad, M. El-Hariri, and M. K. Refai, "Prevalence of Yeasts in Human, Animals and soil sample in El-Fayoum Governorate in Egypt. ", International Journal of Microbiological Research , vol. 2, issue 3, pp. 233-239, 2011. prevalence_of_yeasts_in_human_animals_and.pdf
Salem, S., and M. Refai, " Assessment of modified RBPT as a screening test in Brucella diagnosis.", J. Egypt. Vet. Med. Ass. , vol. 52,, pp. 383-388 , 1992. assessment_of_modif._rbpt.pdf
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Soliman, M. Refai, and A. Farid, " Clinical, mycological and immunological studies on cattle ringworm in Egypt. ", Ernst-Rodenwaldt-Archiv , vol. 4, , pp. 17-22 , 1977. clin._mycol._immunol._studies_in_cattle_ringworm.pdf