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Gehan A. Nabawy1, Atef A. Hassan2, R. S. H. El-Ahl2, and M. K. Refai3, "EFFECT OF METAL NANOPARTICLES IN COMPARISON WITH COMMERCIAL ANTIFUNGAL FEED ADDITIVES ON THE GROWTH OF ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS AND AFLATOXIN B1 PRODUCTION", Journal of Global Biosciences, vol. 3, ,, issue 6, pp. 954-971, 2014. gehan_published_paper_2.12.2014.pdf
Ghoniem, N., and M. Refai, " Incidence of Candida in Damietta cheese. ", Mykosen , vol. 11, , pp. 295-298 , 1968. incidence_of_candida_in_cheese.pdf
Gobba, A., and M. Refai, " Therapeutic value of Benzalkonium chloride in oral candidosis. ", Mykosen , vol. 11, , pp. 529-530 , 1968.