Educational Qualifications

  1. B.V.Sc. January, 1961, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo Univ., Giza, Egypt
  2. June, 1963, College of Vet. Med., Hannover, Germany
  3. D.T.M. June, 1964, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany

Academic Positions
Prof. Emeritus, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Vet. Med., Cairo Univ. April 1998
Areas of experience
a. Medical Mycology, acted as Assistant in Mycology Section, Department of Dermatology, Hamburg Univ
b. Salmonella, acted as Assistant, Hygiene Institute, National Salmonella Centre, Hamburg, Germany1964-1965
c. Food Microbiology, acted as FAO-Expert, food microbiology, Nairobi, Kenya, 1976-1978
d. Brucellosis, acted as Principle Investigator of the American-Egyptian,USDA/OICD/GOVS project on application of S19 Brucella abortus reduced dose vaccine
e. Privatisation of Veterinary Services, acted as National Programme Director, Veterinary Privatization Services Programme, Ministry of Agriculture/EC, 1995-1996

 P.I. of the Egyptian-American project -bronchopulmonary mycosis- in man in collaboration with Faculty of Med. Ain-Shams Univ. Cairo 1978-1981
 P.I. of the Egyptian-American project - control of brucellosis in animals- in collaboration with General Organization of Vet. Services (GOVS), 1986-1990
 C/O P.I. of the - neonatal calf mortality- project funded by USDA in collaboration with GOVS,1991-1995
 P.I. of collaborative NARP project - immunogenetics of natural resistance to pathogens- with Texas A&M University1992-1995
 P.I. of new initiatives project - control of anaplasmosis and babesiosis in Egypt through biotechnology- in collaboration with Florida Univ. 1992-1993

1. Selected for the Gallery of Noted Mycologists, Mycologia et Mycopathologia Appl, 1968
2. Awarded the E. Rodenwaldt Medal, Germany, 1978

3. Nominated by the Cairo University for Kuwait Award, 1987
4. Selected in the National Encyclopedia of the Noted Egyptian Personalities, 1st ed.1989
5. Nominated by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for the African Academy Award, 1994
6. Awarded the Gustav-Riehl Prize, Germany, 1993
7. Awarded the Cairo University Meritorious Prize in Agriculture and
Veterinary Sciences, 1998

Professional Qualifications

Dr. Refai has participated in the following international conferences, seminars
and meetings mostly by presenting scientific papers:

-Annual meetings of Mycological Society for German-speaking Countries,1962,1963,1965,1974,1975,1981,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1997,1998,1999, 2000, 2002.
-International Veterinary Congress, Hannover, West Germany, 1963
- World Cogress, Foodborne Infections and Intoxications, Berlin, West Germany, 1980
-International Salmonella Conference, Amman, 1985
- Annual Meeting of Animal Health Association and AAVLD, Las Vegas,1985 and 1993
- International Brucellosis Symposium, Texas, 1989
- International Buffalo Conference, New Delhi, 1989
- International Brucellosis Conference, Mosel, 1989
- Third International Buffalo Conference, Varna, 1991
-Residues Conference, Gent, 1992
-Third World Cogress, Foodborne Infections and Intoxications, Berlin, Germany, 1992
- International Camel Symposium, Dubai, 1992
- Annual Meeting Brucellosis Research Conference, Chicago, 1993

- Roundtable on Foot And Mouth Disease, FAO ,Cairo, 1994
- Regional Seminar on the application of biotechnology in animal health, FAO, Cairo, 1995
- International Congress on Anthrax, Brucellosis, CBPP, Myco-
bacterial and Clostridia Diseases, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 1998
- Radiscon regional workshop on animal diseases implications on livestock trade,
FAO, Cairo, 1998
- International Symposium-cum-Workshops, 1st in Cairo 1999, 2d in Sinai, St. Catherine 2000, 3d in Cairo 2001.
- The second Arab Conference on Biotechnonology and Genetic Engineering, Bahrain, 2002
- International Veterinary Congress, Hannover, Germany, 2002
Training courses
 Identification of diphasic fungi conducted by Prof. Seeliger, Bonn. Germany, June 1962
 Isolation and identification of Dermatphytes conducted by Rieth, Hamburg, Germany Sept. 1962
 Epiodemiology and diagnosis of tropical diseases. Institute of Tropical diseases, Hamburg Germany, April, 1964 Computer Skills
Microsoft, Power point, Excell
Language Skills
English, Germany
Professional Memberships
o Member of the Directing Board of the United Company of Poultry Production 1993-1997
o Member of the Directing Board of the Egyptian Vet. Med. Association 1990-1996
o Member of the scientific advisory board of the German Journal Mycoses,1967-1992
o Editor of the Journal of Egyptian Vet. Med. Association 1985-95
o Editor of the Vet. Med. Journal, Giza, Faculty Veterinary Medicine Cairo Univ. 1986-1994
o Member of the National Committee of brucellosis and tuberculosis, GOVS, 1985-1995
o Member of the Animal Wealth Committee, National Academy of Science
o Member of the Zoonosis Committee, National Academy of Science

 Member of the High Committe of GOVS consultants

o Member of the Molecular Biology Committee, Supreme Council of Universities,1996-2001
o Reviewer of Fulbright fellowships, 1990-1994
o Reviewer of NARP projects, 1992
o Reviewer of National Academy of Science Projects
o Member of the Directing Board of the Molecular Biology Research Center, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, 1999-2001
o Member of the International Alumni Network, Germany-Egypt Arab Region since 1999
o Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Promoting Professors in Microbiology, Pathology and Parasitology, Supreme Council of Universities since 2001.
o Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Promoting Professors in Microbiology, Virology , Pathology, and Clinical Pathology, Supreme Council of Universities since 2008
Other activities
Dr. Refai has supervised or helped in the supervision of 126 (65 MS and 61 Ph.D.)
theses in the fields of mycology, bacteriology and immunology at
faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Science and Pharmacy
 Author or CO/ author of 255 articles published in Egyptian, German. Japanese, French, Austrian and American journals in the fields of mycology, bacteriology and immunology
 Author of the following books and reviews
 Food Microbiological Manual, FAO, 1979, English, French and Spanish
 Fungi and the Lung, Treatise on Research, Cairo, 1986
 Brucellosis in cattle, Cairo, 1989
 Zoonotic Diseases in the Near East Region, FAO, 1993
 Microbial Toxins, in Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, 1995, Academic Press.
 Incidence and control of brucellosis in the Near East Region, special issue on Brucellosis, Veterinary Microbiology, 2002.

Author of the the following monographs ( research)

Monograph on yeasts 

Monograph on dermatophytes

Monograph on mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxins

FAO short term Food Microbiology consultant in:
. Tanzania, 2 months, 1979
. Turkey, 3 months, 1980-1981
. Nigeria, 2 months 1981, 2 months, 1982
FAO short term consultant (zoonoses) 21 days in Rome, Geneva and Athens, 1992
WHO consultant for zoonoses in:
. Jordan, one month, 1990
. Afghanistan, one month, 1992
WHO Temporary Adviser in
. Germany, 1 week, 1982, mycology
. Greece, 1 week, 1990, brucellosis
. Egypt, 1 week, 1992, salmonellosis
. Italy, 2 weeks, 1992, veterinary epidemiology