Publications in the Year: 2016

Journal Article

mahmoud H, Abdallh AA-E, Bianchi N, El-Hakim SM, Shaltout A, Dupré L.  2016.  An Inverse Approach for Interturn Fault Detection in Asynchronous Machines Using Magnetic Pendulous Oscillation Technique. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications . 52(1):226-233.
Bianchi N, mahmoud H.  2016.  An Analytical Approach to Design the PM in PMAREL Motors Robust Toward the Demagnetization. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion . 31(2):800-809.
Bianchi N, mahmoud H.  2016.  Fast synthesis of permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motors. IET Electric Power Applicaion journal. 10(5):312-318.