Coauthored Publications with: Hanafy

Journal Article

Hanafy M, Bianchi N, Degano M, and Gerada MA-AC.  2018.  Eccentric Reluctance and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Comparison. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS. 54(6):5760-5771.
Bacco G, Bianchi N, Hanafy M.  2018.  A Nonlinear Analytical Model for the Rapid Prediction of the Torque of Synchronous Reluctance Machines. IEEE Transaction On Energy Conversion. 33(3):1539-1546.
Hanafy M, Bacco G, Degano M, and Gerada NBC.  2018.  Synchronous Reluctance Motor Iron Losses: Considering Machine Nonlinearity at MTPA, FW, and MTPV Operating Conditions. IEEE Transaction On Energy Conversion. 33(3):1402-1410.