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Zaki, H. M. B. A. (2013).  Decontamination of chicken cuts using organic acids and sodium dodecyl sulfate. (Amal M. A. El-Sherif, Mohamed, H. M. H., Zaki, H. M. B. A., Ed.). master_tesis_title_author__supervisors.pdf
Zaki, H. M. B. A., Mohamed H. M. H., & El-Sherif A. M. A. (2013).  Incidence Of Salmonellae, Escherichia Coli And Listeria Monocytogenes In Chicken Cuts And Neck In Egyptian Retail Markets. EGYPT. VET. MED. ASSOC. 73(2), 203-215.zaki_h._m._b._a._et_al_2013.pdf