The 20th World Congress of Soil Science

The 20th WCSS will be held in the Jeju International Convention Center, KOREA,
from June 8-13, 2014.

The field of soil science is expanding because of the growing interest in food security and safety as well as environmental quality. In addition, many state-of-the-art emerging technologies being developed in other fields will be available for us to adapt to soil science. Thus, we are in the presence of an explosion of information and knowledge in the many fields of soil science.

The 20th WCSS will be an excellent opportunity to get on top of the changes in soil science and to envision new perspectives for basic and applied soil research. The local Organizing Committee is planning to set up the various programs to encourage the participation of many soil scientists from every corner of the world.

Beautiful Jeju Island is ready to welcome the 20th WCSS attendees. Jeju Island is not only Korea’s most prestigious resort destination but has been the venue for several political joint summit talks and other major international meetings. It is only an hour flight from Seoul, which connects to major international airport hubs. The warm hospitality of the Koreans and the unique cultural folk heritage of Jeju, coupled with the natural beauty of the volcanic island, will make the 20th WCSS a wonderful experience.