• Ph.D. in  Mathematical Statistics  , Florida State University, USA
  • M. Sc. in  Statistics (Quantitative Methods), Florida State University, USA
  • M. Sc. in  Mathematical Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Diploma in  Applied Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Diploma in Operations Research, Inst. National Planning, Egypt
  • B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt



    I taught several courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. These courses were offered to students at Cairo University (Faculty of Computers and Information & The Institute of Statistical Studies and Research), The Florida State University (USA), King Saud University, Saudi Arabia,  King Abdel Aziz University, Saudi Arabia, The American University in Cairo (Departments of Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Management and Business Administration), October University (Faculties of Engineering, Business and Computer Sciences) , The Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Business), and Zagazig University, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University


    The taught courses (at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels, classified by area) are:


    1 Statistics

    : Distribution theory, probability theory, stochastic processes, sampling, econometrics, statistical and mathematical modeling, multivariate analysis, statistical inference, regression, applied statistics for business and economics, statistical quality control, time series analysis and forecasting. (Most of the applied courses were taught using computer packages SPSS, SAS, MINITAB, R, S-PLUS, and SHAZAM)


    2.  Mathematics

    : Calculus I, II and III, numerical analysis, measure theory, engineering mathematics and mechanics, modern and linear algebra, discrete mathematics, differential equations, mathematics for business and economics, mathematics for pharmacy and bio-statistics. (Taught using computer packages MATHCAD, MATLAB, MAPLE, and MATHEMATICA)


    3. Operations Research (Quantitave Techniques)

    : Optimization, linear programming, multi-objective programming, simulation, networks, queuing theory, inventory, reliability, stochastic modeling for management sciences, and operations management and business decisions. (All courses were taught using computer packages WINQSB, LINDO, GAMS, SEMISCRIPT 2.5, and ARENA)


    4. Computer Science:

    Operating Systems, Artificial intelligence,  Computer Networks, Logic Design, Data structures, Database, Applications of Computer Science in many areas including( inventory planning and analysis, payroll, scheduling, production planning, accounting and cost analysis, Depreciation, investments, and feasibility studies)

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