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  • Ph.D. in Statistics Florida State University, USA.
  • M. Sc. in Statistics (Quantitative Methods), Florida State University, USA.
  • M. Sc. in Mathematical Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Diploma in Applied Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Diploma in Operations Research, Inst. National Planning, Egypt.
  • B.Sc. in Communication Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt.






I taught and still teaching several courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. These courses were offered to students at Cairo University (Faculty of Computers and Information , The Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, and  Faculty of Commerce-the Actuarial section), The Florida State University (USA), King Saud University, Saudi Arabia,  King Abdel Aziz University, Saudi Arabia, The American University in Cairo (Departments of Industrial Engineering, Management, and Business Administration), October University (Faculties of Engineering, Business and Computer Sciences) , The Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Business), Zagazig University ( Faculty of Computers and Information),and Benha University(Faculty of Commerce-the English section).


Courses taught (at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels, classified by area) include



  1. Statistics:

       Mathematical Statistics (Probability and Statistical Inference),   stochastic   processes,   sampling, multivariate analysis, applied statistics for business and economics, time series analysis and forecasting.

  2. Operations Research

    :  (Quantitative Techniques):  Optimization, linear and non-linear programming, multi-objective programming,   simulation, queuing   theory,   reliability,   stochastic   modeling in operations research, and game theory.

  3. Economics:

    Financial economics for Actuarial Students, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University - The Actuarial group.

  4. Mathematics:

      Calculus I, II and III, numerical analysis, measure theory, engineering mathematics and

mechanics,  linear  algebra,  discrete  mathematics,  differential  equations,  mathematics  for business  and  economics,  mathematics  for pharmacy and  bio-statistics.






  • King Faisal (worldwide) Prize Nominee: Mathematical Sciences.
  • Awarded the best graduate student award, Florida State University, USA.
  • Awarded the best graduate student award, ISSR-Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Awarded the best graduate student award, Institute of National Planning, Egypt.






  • Present Position

    : Professor of   Statistics and Mathematics, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research (ISSR), Cairo University.

  • Previous Positions



-           Director of Statistics and Econometrics Consultation Center, Cairo University.

-           Professor of Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, October University for   Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA).

-           Associate Professor of Statistics and Operations Research, King Saud University,

                      Saudi Arabia.

-           Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics, Florida State University, U.S.A.







  • Chairman of the National Promotion Committee of Statistics and Operations Research.
  • Chairman of the Department of Mathematical Statistics, Cairo University.
  • Director - Statistical and Economical Consultations Center, Cairo University.
  • Dean - Faculty of Business, October University for Arts and Sciences (MSA).
  • Vice President - October University for Arts and Sciences (The largest private university in Egypt).
  • Chairman-Department of Operations research and Decision making, Faculty of Computers and

               Informatics, Zagazig University.





    Using Quantitative Methods in some economic issues (pricing, irrigation water distribution).

    Using Data Analysis of labor force (job market and forecasting future needs) Ministry of Labor, Egypt.

    How to conduct an effective Feasibility study (introduced to many companies in the private sector).

    Setting Quality Control Standards: Eastern Company for Tobacco and Cigarettes Manufacturing.

    Designing Machine Loading Programs: El-Nasr Automotive Company, Egypt.

    PERT- CPM:  Recreational Areas, Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

    Actuarial studies: El SHARQ Insurance Company, Egypt.

    Using Statistical & Simulation Packages for analyzing risks in Iron and Steel Industry.

    Analysis of Time & Motion Studies: Ministry of Industry.




    USAID-grant for using simulation in economic and industrial planning in Egypt, a project funded by


    MIT-grant for modeling the industrial sector in Egypt.

    State-grant (Tallahassee-Florida) for planning recreational areas budgets.

    UNFPA-grant for simulating the demographic impacts of family planning scenarios in Egypt.

    USAID-Project for modeling and planning manpower resources in Egypt.

    Principal   Investigator   of   The   Academy   of   Scientific   Research   Project   to   study   the   effect   of   

        Unemployment on the health of mother and child in Egypt.

    Joint American-Egyptian Research Grant.

    Principal Investigator of the Microsoft project managements –add on software.









IEEE-Electronics IEEE-Reliability Sigma XI (USA)

The Egyptian Statistical Society

The Egyptian Computer Science Society

The Egyptian Operations Research Society




    Ph.D. in Statistics (10).

    M.Sc. in Statistics (20).

    M. Sc. in Econometrics (3).

    M.Sc. in Operations Research (6).

    M.Sc. in Biostatistics (2).

    M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (4).





    Chaired and attended several sessions in international scientific conferences both in Egypt and abroad

       (Joint AMS and IS meetings).

    Refereed  several  technical  research  articles  and  books  on  Reliability  Engineering,  Mathematics,    

       Statistics and Operations Research for International Journals and Academic Departments.

    Acted  as  a  Referee  for  promoting  candidates  for  associate  professor  and  professor  positions  in 

       Both Egyptian and foreign universities.

    Chaired the Ph.D. qualifying examinations committee at the Florida State University (USA).

    Reviewed books in mathematical statistics, and non-linear programming.

    Translated  into  Arabic:  The  statistical  Theory  of  Reliability  co-authored  by  (Frank  Proschan  and

        Richard Barlow).

    Served as an academic advisor for several graduate and undergraduate students in USA, Saudi Arabia             

       and Egypt.







  • Preparation of Syllabi of Academic Courses


  • Preparation of Classes schedules
  • Promotion to professorship positions (as a member)
  • Academic advising of students