Dr. Gehad A. Abo El-Ata is a Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Cairo University Faculty of Medicine. At the same time, Dr. Abo El-Ata is the Managing Director of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH- Egypt). His duties include planning, monitoring and follow up of Infection Control, Occupational Health and safety and Environment (OHS&E). Dr. Abo El-Ata is also a project manager, team leader, consultant and researcher with over 25 years of experience in leading health, safety and environmental assessments throughout Egypt and abroad.  He has extensive expertise in environmental waste management concerns, including design, implementation on integrated solid waste management systems and hazardous waste management as a part of healthcare waste management. Dr. Abo El-Ata provided technical assistance to numerous governorates and healthcare facilities on healthcare waste management. He has vast expertise in training government inspectors, auditors and healthcare personnel on hazardous waste management. 

 He has frequently interfaced with international and local NGOs, government agencies, and private establishments’ healthcare waste management activities. He issued a group of guidelines, codes of practice and training modules covering various aspects on HCWM.

 As a project manager Dr. Abo El Ata is very much experienced in project cycle, project budgeting.  As a university staff and research worker, he is also subjected to financial evaluation, operational costs of incinerations and remediation sites, he published more than 70 papers in Egyptian, regional, and international Journals.

 Dr. Gehad Abo El-Ata is currently a member in a number of National Committees dealing with Hazardous and Healthcare Waste Management, Environmental and Public Health Issues.

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