2G & 3G Consistency Check Tool (SPOT)

Nassar, A., K. Karam, A. El-Sayed, R. Ibrahim, G. Zayed, and S. Eltamimi, 2G & 3G Consistency Check Tool (SPOT), , Giza, Cairo University, 2013.

Thesis Type:

BSc thesis


SPOT is a network optimization tool that performs Consistency Checks for both 2G and 3G Communication systems in mobile operators providing the ability to expand and work on new technologies such as the LTE based 4G system. The network optimization tool SPOT is done in cooperation with Vodafone Egypt, it aims at providing an automated tool that keeps hundreds of thousands of parameters under control all the time saving tons of precious working hours, saving manpower, and helping engineers to automatically keep track of the network at any time. It can also operate offline which makes it easy to be used anywhere. Having this tool in hands, engineers will no longer have to go through the long process of checks to conclude the network status in any area to get the defects, "SPOT" does this whole job in a few seconds and provides a simple way to store the results on the personal computer or even share them via e-mail. The tool doesn't just spot the defect and show it to the optimizer, but rather a future update of the tool will send a detailed report to the specialized team after generating the correct script needed to fix the errors in the network providing the ability to send the script through email easily. Apart from keeping track of such a massive amount of parameters, SPOT also performs many of the network optimizers' everyday jobs by providing 4 different relations checks for the 2G system with just a single click, and other 8 different relations mismatches for the 3G system and other fixed and customizable rules to prevent the errors caused by missing cell definitions and eventually improve the handover success rate and reduce the call drop rate, thus improving the GSM and CDMA network quality and the user experience. The tool is to be used by network optimizers in mobile operators on a daily basis, as it helps minimize the everyday repetitive work and keeps the system under control 24/7 spotting the errors anywhere on the system before experiencing a network failure, without the need for the dive testing process that takes time and consumes money. All results can be exported as Excel files to be sent to the proper sub-technology department responsible for taking action. The user-friendly frontend has been coded in java which makes it accessible for all kinds of computers. The tool is totally customizable giving the optimizer the space to check whichever rule he believes could better serve the network besides the built-in default settings. To conclude, simplicity and speed are what define "SPOT".

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