Current is the cause of electric shock!

Here is a video demonstrating what we discussed in yesterday's tutorial: Why are we electrically shocked?
Moreover, how birds set on high power lines are not electrified?
The clue is the flow of current
Bodies are electrified when a current (however light it can be) passes through them. However, a current can not flow without a potential difference. When you put your fingers in the plug while standing on the ground, a high potential difference across your hands and ground, letting a current pass through. That is why we need to stand on insulators (like wood, etc) in case we might touch electric sources.

Birds are not electrified because they sit on the same wire, thus no current passes. Meanwhile, it gets an electric shock when:

  • It sits on the wooden connector: accidentally puts one foot on the wire, and the other on a connector to the ground.
  • It hangs between two wires with different potential (thus current passes through the bird)

I wish this information might be interesting.

Thanks for your questions, keep going on!

See the video!