Currently the Head of the Chemical Engineering Department in Cairo University since September 2011, Prof. Dr. Fatma H. Ashour has amassed a significant amount of experience in the field both on the academic and professional fronts. She has worked on many projects locally as well as internationally. These projects spanned a wide variety of disciplines and specialties that include Petroleum Refining, Biofuel Production, Environmental and Waste Recycling. Dr. Ashour is a member of the College of Experts for the Mediterranean office for youth. She is a board member of the Association of French speaking Engineers in Egypt. Additionally, she has served numerous entities as an expert consultant for over 10 years in the field of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refining. Dr. Ashour has been conducting research into the field of biofuels and renewable energy since 1998. She is also a reviewer for several international journals in the field of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.