Elnady, F., B. J. Smith, and E. E. M. Gindy, "Application of virtual reality in teaching veterinary anatomy: Some examples of 3-dimensional anatomical object.", Annual meeting of the American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, Blacksburg, Virginia, 22-24 July, 1998.
Elnady, F., "The Electronic Atlas of Veterinary Comparative Anatomy; Osteology and Splanchnology.", Vet. Med. J., vol. 50, issue 4, pp. 523-531, 2002.

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Prof. Fawzy Elnady

Dr. Fawzy has BS in Vet. Med. 1989, MS in Vet. Anatomy 1993, from Cairo University, Egypt. He was a visiting scholar 1996-99 at VA-Md Regional College of Vet. Med, Virginia Tech. University, USA for Ph.D. entitled “Modern Educational Technology in Teaching Veterinary Anatomy with Special Reference to Applications in Practice”. Awarded Cairo University incentive prize in the field of Veterinary Biomedical sciences (2002). He was trained on plastination as part of his PHD in USA (1999) then in Vienna, Austria (2006).