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wafaa mohamed, mai rifai, F. E. Z. Sadat, and undefined, "HPLC/DAD-MS CHARACTERISATION OF DIVERSE DYESTUFFS FROM A CASE STUDY OF HISTORIC FABRIC", Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, , vol. Vol. 18, No 1, issue 1, pp. 113-121, 2018. dye_characterisation.pdf
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, "Comparative Empirical Study for Cleaning Tarnished Metal Threads Using Laser and Ultrasonic Scaler,", Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks LACONA X, Sharja, United Arab Emirates, American University, 2014.
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wafaa Mohamed, A., M. M. Rifai, S. S. Darwish, and F. E.sadat, "“Deterioration Aspects of a Dyed Textile Embroidered with Gilded Copper Metallic Threads”", The 3rd International Conference of the Faculty of Archaeology,“Cultural Contributions of Egypt and its Impact on the Human Civilization Through Ages, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, 2010.