Supporting various interconnects in FLESnet using Libfabric

Salem, F., F. Schintke, T. Schütt, and A. Reinefeld, Supporting various interconnects in FLESnet using Libfabric, , Darmstadt, Germany, GSI, pp. 159 -- 160, 2017.

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FLES is the first-level event selector of the CBM project. The system prototype, FLESnet, natively uses InfiniBand for communication, which limits the portability to other interconnects that may be of interest when the actual analysis cluster is built. We adopt FLESnet to Libfabric, a generic networking framework, and explain how this framework is used for time-slice building with efficient, zero-copy data transfers. We discuss preliminary benchmarking results of the new implementation using the Cray GNI interconnect with Intel Xeon Phi processors.