Dr. Magdy Mostafa Fahmy   Professor of Parasitology.

Born in November 29, 1953, Cairo Egypt.

E mail adress:

Present Employment: Prof.and head  of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo Univ.

 M.V. Sc., was in 1980 Cairo Univ and Ph. D., 1982 Cairo Univ.

Specialization: Parasitology. Stated as Demonstrator of Parasitology, 1977 – 1980; Assistant Lecturer of Parasitology, 1980 – 1982 ; Lecturer of Parasitology, 1983 – 1988; Assistant Prof. of Parasitology, 1988 and Prof. of Parasitology, 1993.

Performed Course 305 Arthropods within Eleg (Electronic Learning) at Cairo University site.

Leader of Art Committee in the Student Union of the Faculty 1998-2007 and then Leader of Student Union of the Faculty 2007-2008.

Head of the department of Parasitology Fac of Vet. Medicine Cairo University  2012 – 2014.

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Professional Activities:

Visitor in Institute of Parasitology, Dept. of Entomology, High School, Hanover, West Germany (1981-1982 ). Channel system.

Visitor in Strathclyde Univ., Glasgow, Scotland ( March 1986).

Secured a fellowship of DAAD ( 1988 ).

Secured a piece fellowship ( USA ), Ohio state Univ. (1989 ).

Tag meeting on control of Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis in Egypt through Biotechnology, Univ. of Florida, Collage of Vet. Med. Dept. of Inf. Diseases (Jan. 1994 ).

Visitor in Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore ( NARP ), Collages of Life Science, Dept. of Fish Diseases ( Jan. 1995 ). NARP.

Member of many associations; the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association; Egyptian Veterinary Syndicate; Egyptian Society of Parasitology; International Society of Acarology; American Society of Parasitology; Egyptian German Society of Zoology;Member of the Indian Society for advancement of Canine Practice (ISACP)

National award for scientific excellence, 1998.


Shared in  many projects; Tick and Tick borne diseases of Egypt (1978-1982); Control of Tick borne blood parasites, Theileria annulata by vaccination of food producing animals (1983-1987) and Biotechnological control of Ticks in Egypt (1994-1995).