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Altalbawy, F. M. A., E. Ali, M. N. Fenjan, Y. F. Mustafa, S. Mansouri, B. D. O., S. G. Idiyevna, N. Misra, A. H. Alawadi, and A. Alsalamy, "Aptamer-Magnetic Nanoparticle Complexes for Powerful Biosensing: A Comprehensive Review", CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 2024. 34-critical-reviews-in-analytical-chemistry_removed.pdf
Fu, J., M. S. Majid, F. M. A. Altalbawy, R. M. Hussein, I. Waleed, I. M. Mohammed, R. S. Zabibah, K. Al-Majdi, and A. Malik, "Process simulation of methanol production via carbon dioxide hydrogenation", Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, vol. 54, pp. 103975, 2024. 35-case_studies_in_thermal_engineering.pdf
Li, H. X., U. A. - R. Hussein, I. Waleed, S. H. Z. Al-Abdeen, F. M. A. Altalbawy, Z. H. Adhab, A. Faisal, M. Y. Alshahrani, H. K. Zaidan, M. Suliman, et al., "An advanced computational method for studying drug nanonization using green supercritical-based processing for improvement of pharmaceutical bioavailability in aqueous media", Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 381, pp. 121805, 2023. 712da7d864ab86379c89a3078673a94d.pdf
Aravindhan, S., F. M. A. Altalbawy, I. B. Sapaev, S. J. Shoja, R. Abbass, A. K. Kareem, and A. M. Gatea, "All-optical control of optical bistability in a hybrid system", Laser Physics Letters, vol. 20, pp. 066001, 2023. 12-laser_physics_letters.pdf
Ramaiah, P., F. M. A. Altalbawy, R. Margiana, B. N. Kumar, F. Kahar, A. T. Jalil, A. Komariah, V. E. Failoc‑Rojas, M. M. Kadhim, R. Sivaraman, et al., "The association between prenatal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and childhood intelligence: a systematic review of observational studies", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 30, issue 8, pp. 19592-19601, 2023. 2-environmental_science_and_pollution_research.pdf
Yang, Y., G. S. Bustani, T. Alawsi, F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. K. Kareem, J. Gupta, P. Zhu, A. Hjazi, A. H. Alawadi, and Y. F. Mustafa, "The cardioprotective effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles against the poisoning generated by aluminum phosphide pesticide: Controlling oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage", Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, vol. 197, pp. 105701, 2023.
Sivaraman, R., F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. M. H. Wais, H. A. Lafta, and S. Hashemi, "Characterization of Plastic Deformation in CuZr Metallic Glasses Subjected to the Rolling Process", Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 2023, pp. 1-8, 2023. 4-hindawi-advances_in_materials_science_and_engineering.pdf
Wang, M. X., B. Almasi, Z. A. B. Sinnah, H. S. Majdi, F. M. A. Altalbawy, D. Toghraie, I. Waleed, R. S. Zabibah, U. S. Altimari, and Y. X. Zhang, "A comprehensive laboratory measurement on the thermal characteristics of Ag–CuO–tungsten oxide/water nanofluid in mono, hybrid and ternary cases and presenting a new correlation", Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, vol. 143, pp. 104682, 2023.
Anazi, A. A. A., R. Satar, H. S. Jabbar, I. B. Sapaev, F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. A. Alameri, R. F. Obaid, A. A. Ramírez‑Coronel, R. H. C. Alflh, Y. F. Mustafa, et al., "Efectual and Rapid Synthesis of Hantzsch Derivatives in Solvent‑Free Conditions Catalyzed by a Mesoporous Basic Silica‑Based Nanomaterial", Silicon, vol. 15, pp. 3453–3461, 2023. 9-_silicon.pdf
Cheng, H., A. M. Abed, A. 'ad Alizadeh, A. A. Ghabra, F. M. A. Altalbawy, R. Sabetvand, G. F. Smaisim, A. Yadav, D. Toghraie, and Y. Riadi, "The effect of temperature and external force on the thermal behavior of oilbased refrigerant inside an atomic nanochannel using molecular dynamics simulation", Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 369, pp. 120893, 2023. pagination_molliq_120893.pdf
Alshahrani, S. H., P. Ramaiah, A. S. Dheyab, M. Rudiansyah, Q. A. Qasim, F. M. A. Altalbawy, R. F. Obaid, A. F. Almulla, A. A. Ramírez-Coronel, G. A. Gabr, et al., "The effect of watermelon supplementation on blood pressure: a metaanalysis of randomised clinical trials", Journal of Herbal Medicine, vol. 41, pp. 100726, 2023. 21-journal-of-herbal-medicine.pdf
Jasim, S. A., F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. A. Alameri, A. A. Ramírez-Coronel, R. F. Obaid, M. M. Al-Hamdani, A. J. Kadhim, R. S. Zabibah, H. A. Alzahrani, S. G. Farsani, et al., "Effects of dietary Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 15009 on growth performance, hematology parameters, innate immune responses, and the antioxidant status of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) under high rearing density", ANNALS OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, vol. 23, issue 3, pp. 833–844, 2023. 15-annals_of_animal_science.pdf
Haowei, M. A., U. A. - R. Hussein, Z. H. Al-Qaim, F. M. A. Altalbawy, H. l. AI-Sadi, A. A. Fadhil, M. M. Al-Taee, S. K. Hadrawi, R. M. Khalaf, I. H. Jirjees, et al., "Employing Sisko non-Newtonian model to investigate the thermal behavior of blood flow in a stenosis artery: Effects of heat flux, different severities of stenosis, and different radii of the artery", Alexandria Engineering Journal, vol. 68, pp. 291–300, 2023. 1-alexandria_engineering_journal.pdf
Hanifar, K., Y. Q. Almajidi, H. S. Jabbar, A. A. Ramírez-Coronel, F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. F. Almulla, A. T. Jalil, S. A. Awad, and L. A. Barboza-Arenas, "An Environmental-friendly Procedure Based on Deep Eutectic Solvent for Extraction and Determination of Toxic Elements in Fish Species from Different Regions of Iraq", Journal of Food Protection, vol. 86, pp. 100102, 2023. 14-journal_of_food_protection.pdf
Riyadi, T. W. B., R. Sivaraman, A. M. H. Wais, F. M. A. Altalbawy, U. O. Khudanov, and D. K. Chaudhary, "Mechanism of Imprinting Process in the Ni-P Metallic Glass Films: A Molecular Dynamics Study", Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 2023, pp. 1-8, 2023. 3-hindawi-advances_in_materials_science_and_engineering_1.pdf
Wang, H., D. A. R. Musa, N. Ahmad, F. M. A. Altalbawy, N. A. Salman, W. M. Khazaal, N. A. A. Salman, M. Abosaooda, N. Nasajpour-Esfahani, M. Hekmatifar, et al., "Molecular dynamics study of the effects of the porosity and initial pressure on phase transition of porous phase change materials", Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 62, pp. 106891-106899, 2023. 5-journal_of_energy_storage_1.pdf
Zhang, P., M. F. Albaghdadi, S. A. AbdulAmeer, A. S. Altamimi, A. Z. Abdulrazzaq, H. chailibi, S. K. Hadrawi, H. F. Hamdan, F. M. A. Altalbawy, and A. M. Alsubaiyel, "Novel mathematical and polypharmacology predictions of salicylsalicylic acid: Solubility enhancement through SCCO2 system", Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 372, pp. 121195, 2023. 10-_journal_of_molecular_liquids.pdf
Yao, Z., M. Derikvand, M. S. Solari, J. Zhang, F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. H. D. Al-Khafaji, O. A. Akbari, D. Toghraie, and I. M. Mohammed, "Numerical assessment of the impacts of non-Newtonian nanofluid and hydrophobic surfaces on conjugate heat transfer and irreversibility in a silicon microchannel heat-sink", Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, vol. 142, pp. 104642-104652, 2023. 7-_journal_of_the_taiwan_institute_of_chemical_engineers.pdf
Liu, Y., D. A. Smait, A. Y. Naser, F. M. A. Altalbawy, H. Bahri, A. A. K. Ruhaima, T. Z. Fathallah, S. K. Hadrawi, R. E. Alsaddon, bdullah Alshetaili, et al., "Optimization and validation of drug solubility by development of advanced artificial intelligence models", Journal of Molecular Liquids, vol. 372, pp. 121113-121136, 2023. 8-_journal_of_molecular_liquids.pdf
Alshahrani, S. H., A. A. Alameri, F. Kahar, A. ´ A. es Ramírez-Coronel, R. F. Obaid, F. Alsaikhan, R. S. Zabibah, Q. A. Qasim, F. M. A. Altalbawy, Y. F. Mustafa, et al., "Overview of the role and action mechanism of microRNA-128 in viral infections", Microbial Pathogenesis, vol. 176, pp. 106020, 2023.
Zhang, X., F. M. A. Altalbawy, T. A. S. Gasmalla, A. H. D. Al-Khafaji, A. Iraji, R. B. Y. Syah, and M. L. Nehdi, "Performance of Statistical and Intelligent Methods in Estimating Rock Compressive Strength", Sustainability, vol. 15, pp. 5642, 2023. 11-sustainability-15-05642.pdf
Mansouri, S., S. O. Mezan, F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. K. Kareem, F. R. Alhachami, A. ´ A. es Ramírez-Coronel, A. M. Gatea, R. M. Romero-Parra, Y. F. Mustafa, and Z. H. Jawhar, "Recent advances in assembly strategies of new advanced materials-based analytical methods for the detection of cardiac biomarkers as a diagnosis tool", Microchemical Journal, vol. 191, pp. 108827, 2023. 13-microchemical_journal.pdf
Zhang, Z., F. M. A. Altalbawy, M. Al-Bahrani, and Y. Riadi, "Regret-based multi-objective optimization of carbon capture facility in CHP-based microgrid with carbon dioxide cycling", Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 384, pp. 135632, 2023. 4_jclepro-_2022-135632.pdf
Al-Gazally, M. E., R. Khan, M. Imran, A. A. Ramírez-Coronel, S. H. Alshahrani, F. M. A. Altalbawy, A. T. Jalil, R. M. Romero-Parra, R. S. Zabibah, M. S. Iqba, et al., "The role and mechanism of action of microRNA-122 in cancer: Focusing on the liver", International Immunopharmacology, vol. 123, pp. 110713, 2023.
Bahadoran, A., M. Galluzzi, B. Al-Qargholi, M. H. Sabzalian, F. M. A. Altalbawy, I. Waleed, S. K. Hadrawi, A. A. K. Ruhaima, W. dheaa kadhim, and D. Toghraie, "Separation of SiO2 nanoparticles from H2O vapour using graphene nanopores in the presence of an external electric field: A molecular dynamics approach", Carbon, vol. 203, pp. 490-497, 2023.