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Personal information



Tarek Abd ElBadee Boghdady Mahmoud


Villa 437, District 16, Zone 1, Hadayek El Sheikh Zayed, El Sheikh Zayed, Giza.

Cell Phone

010 20 44 33 86


Date of Birth


Place of Birth


Marital state

Military status




Married with two children


Current Career


Associate professor of Generation and Utilization of Electrical Energy,  Electric Power and Machines Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.


Previous Experience





Working at testing fuses and circuit breakers, measuring thermal conductivity of soils, harmonic measuring, designer of low voltage distribution boards and distribution systems, lighting design and filters design.


  • Communication skills courses
  • In depth knowledge of LV Distribution schemes, elements and design aspects
  • Proactive, discipline and team work environment be the main feature of personality


Soft skills

 - Competent with most Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint

 - Dialux and Calculux

 - MatLab

 - Internet

- Visual Basic



- Schneider Electric Egypt "for two weeks in equipment and projects

Division" from 1/8/2001 to 14/8/2001

- Egyptian Network Training Center "for 2 weeks in Digital and Analog

Electronics, Applied Electronic Circuits, Fundamentals of Protection,

Instrument Transformer and Power Measurements" form 20/7/2002 to


- Suez Oil Processing Company "for 4 weeks in Electrical Engineering

Sector for Electricity and Automatic Control" from 5/8/2002 to


- Sugar and Integrated Industries Company "for 4 weeks in the Old and

New Steam Power Stations and Control Division" from 1/8/2003 to




  • · Good planning skills , organizational skills , analytical skills
  • · Able to handle confidential information tactfully and in discretion
  • · Decision making skills
  • · Able to handle stress and pressure
  • · Practical thinker
  • · Detail oriented
  • · Able to work individually and among group



-Ph.D.  Engineering with excellent grade, 2016, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Electric Power and Machines.


- M. Sc. Engineering with Excellent grade, 2010, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Electric Power and Machines.


- B. Sc. Engineering, 2004, Cairo University, Electrical Power and Machines dept.


- Accumulative grade:

Excellent with honor degree


- Accumulative rank:




- Graduation project grade:


It was two parts: the first part is "Designing the power installations for the hospital of Abu_El Resh" including the heavy current systems as distribution boards, lifts, power receptacles, lighting design, and air conditions. The light current system as central antenna, nurse call system, fire alarm and fire-fighting.

The second part is constructing a model of single-phase inverter to be a part of fluorescent lamp electronic ballast, and a model of incandescent lamp dimmer.


Language Skills


Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)

English: Very good

German: Fair

Hobbies and additional information

- Reading in Electrical Power Engineering

- Football

- Drawing

- Very good in driving






-T. A. Boghdady, M. M. Sayed, and E. E. Abu El-Zahab, "Maximization of generated power from wind energy conversion system using a new evolutionary algorithm." Renewable Energy 99 (2016): 631-646.

- T. A. Boghdady, M. M. Sayed, and E. E. Abu El-Zahab, “An Analysis of Migration Models for Linearized Biogeography-Based Optimization Applied for PID Tuning Problem,” Journal of Electrical Engineering (JEE), Vol. 16, No. 1, 2016, pp. 257-268.

- T. A. Boghdady, M. M. Sayed, and E. E. Abu El-Zahab, “Maximization of Wind Energy Conversion Using Sliding Mode Control Tuned by Linearized Biogeography-Based Optimization,” Journal of Electrical Engineering (JEE), Vol. 15, No. 4, 2015, pp. 69-74.

- T. A. Boghdady, M. M. Sayed, A. M. Emam, and E. E. Abu El-Zahab, “A Novel Technique for PID Tuning by Linearized Biogeography-Based Optimization,” In: the 17th IEEE international Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), 19-21 Dec. 2014, Chengdu, China, pp. 741-747.

-          - A. F. Zobaa, and T. A. Boghdady, “Integration into Undergraduate Courses of Transformer Tests Using MATLAB/Simulink,” In: International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (IJEEE) Vol. 44, No. (4), October 2007, pages: 319- 332.

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