Exploring Determinants Influencing the Intention to Use Mobile Payment Service

Mahran, A. F. A., and H. L. M. Enaba, "Exploring Determinants Influencing the Intention to Use Mobile Payment Service", nternational Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management (IJCRMM) , vol. 2, issue 4, pp. 17-37, 2011.


Mobile services are becoming increasingly commonplace in everyday life; however, Mobile payment (M-payment) is not among frequently used mobile services. The slowness of the diffusion of this service is the point of departure of the current research. The authors discuss why consumers are slow in adopting M-payment service and develop a proposed model that measures the customer’s attitude and intention to use this technology in Egypt. Different theories from diverse fields are reviewed to formulate the study’s conceptual framework. Empirical data were collected via an online survey for a sample of 490 students in “open education”, a type of e-distance learning. The results suggest that although the most important determinants influencing the customer’s attitude toward the service are perceived behavioral control and perceived usefulness, those influencing the intention to use it are perceived innovativeness, perceived expressiveness, facilitating condition, perceived usefulness, and social pressure. The results of the research differ from those of previous studies because of the effect of the Egyptian culture. Service providers can benefit from the results when formulating the marketing strategies to increase the usage of this service, improving mobile commerce.