My PhD Thesis

This is a doc for my Phd thesis

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BlockChain Specialiest

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Thesis Chapter 3

This chapter provides a survey about the research efforts to solve the vendor lock-in problem. The chapter ends with a comparison between our STAGER framework and the related work

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STAGER Framework Technical Report

This is the full paper of my STAGER framework. Currently, this paper is under review of IEEE TCS journal. 

The STAGER framework can be used automatically generate the adapters of a generic API. It is based mainly on semantic annotations

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Prepared Midterm and Final exams for Compiler Course (2019/2020)

semster: summer


Fundamentals of Computer Sciences (2019/2020)

      semster: fall


Generated Adapters for the Blob Storage Generic API

These are JAVA adapters that are generated by the AAG component for the blob storage generic API.

Currently, it include two adapters one for GCS and the other of Azure storage.

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Automatic Adapter Generation (AAG)

The AAG module aims to provide a solution for cloud application portability problem. One approach to solve application portability problem over PaaS model is to write applications using a generic API
and implement an adapter for each specific PaaS platform. These adapters aim to translate generic API calls into specific PaaS calls. The main problem in these adapters is that they have been implemented manually. Whenever a specific PaaS API has been updated, its adapter requires refactoring or re-implementation (i.e., API synchronization problem).

So, the main objective of the AAG module is to automatically generate a generic API adapters' code. The semantic annotations of a generic API and a set of specific APIs are defined in a pre-built ontology. These semantic annotations have been used in the process of automatic code generation.

  • automaticQueryGenerationAlgorithm1.png
  • generatecode4detectionpathalgorithm2.png

Towards a Standard PaaS Implementation API : A Generic Cloud Persistent-Storage API

This is unpublished paper about a generic cloud blob storage service


Now the COAPS API with GAE extension is available as an open source