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Conference Paper
ISMAIL, E. M. A. N. M., A. E. H. - Kaoud, and H. M. Mamdouh, "“Eco-toxicological and bactericidal effectiveness evaluation bioassay of some commercial disinfectants in aquaculture”", the 14th scientific conference (6th international) of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary medicine: Economy, Biosecurity and Public Health, Sharm EL-Sheikh, 2017.
Journal Article
, , , Submitted. Abstract
, , , Submitted. Abstract
Nasr, S. A. E., E. Ismael, E. M. A. N. M. ISMAIL, and O. M.K.Zahran, " Effectiveness of Some Disinfectants Commonly Used in footbaths inside Poultry Farms", IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (IOSR-JAVS) , vol. 11, issue 9, pp. 1-6, 2018. 2-_effectiveness_of_some_disinfectants_commonly_used_in_footbaths_inside_poultry_farms.pdf
Eman, I. S. M. A. I. L., and Kaoud, "BACTERICIDAL EFFECTIVENESS OF SOME COMMERCIAL DISINFECTANTS AGAINST AEROMONAS HYDROPHILA AND VIBRIO VULNIFICUS", Ewemen Journal of Microbial Research , vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 9 -15 , 2015. ismail_e._predoctor_paper_download.pdf
ISMAIL, E. M. A. N. M., M. Kadry, E. A. Elshafiee, and E. Ragab, "Ecoepidemiology and Potential Transmission of Vibrio cholerae among Different Environmental Niches: An Upcoming Threat in Egypt", Pathogens, vol. 10, issue 2, pp. 16 , 2021.
Ismael, E., and E. M. A. N. M. ISMAIL, "Effectiveness of Sodium bisulfate and Calcium carbonate litter amendments on the Microbial load of Broiler Built-up Litter", SVU- International Journal of Veterinary Sciences, vol. 4, issue 2, pp. 1-10, 2021. litter_amendments.pdf
Ismael, E., E. M. A. N. M. ISMAIL, H. A. N. A. N. S. A. A. D. KHALEFA, E. M. M. Elleithy, S. H. Elmosalamy, S. Marouf, and K. N. El-di, "Evaluation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast Fermentate and Xylanase in Reduced Energy Diet Fed to Broiler Chicken", International Journal of Veterinary Science, vol. 11, issue 2, pp. 141-150, 2021.
Aly, A. M., E. M. A. N. M. ISMAIL, A. M. A. El-Kady, and M. M. I. Hefnawy, "Evaluation of some phenolic extracts against aphids (Aphis craccivora) Koch under laboratory conditions", Journal of Applied and Natural Science, vol. 14, issue 1, pp. 28 - 35, 2022. evaluation_of_some_phenolic_extracts_against_aphids_aphis_craccivora.pdf
Nawar, Z. M., S. A. A, K. G. El Iraqi, E. M. A. N. M. ISMAIL, and H. S. Khalefa, "Impacts of Corncobs as an Alternative Litter Material on Broiler Welfare Reared in Deep Litter System", Inter J Vet Sci, vol. 8, issue 4, pp. 289-293., 2019. 5-dr_kasm_corncobs.pdf
Abuowarda, N. E. M. M. M. F. M. M., M. M. Zaki, E. Ismael, and E. M. Ismail, "Influence of Water Quality Parameters on the Prevalence of Livoneca redmanii (Isopoda; Cymothoidae) Infestation of Mediterranean Sea Fishes, Egypt ", Inter J Vet Sci, vol. 8, issue 3, pp. 174-181, 2019.
A, K. H., I. K. M, M. M. Khalil, and I. E. Mohamed, "Prevalence of E. coli serovars in broiler farms: Biosecurity and the disinfectants sensitivity in Egypt ", World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, vol. 7, issue 3, pp. 263-273, 2020. 8-_prevalence_of_e._coli_serovars_in_broiler_farms_biosecurity_and_the_disinfectants.pdf
H.A.Kaoud, M.A.Khalf, T.F.Ismail, and E. M. Ismaail, "Pro and Retrospective Epidemiological Situation of Avian Influenza in Egypt", European Journal of Academic Essays, vol. 3, issue 7, pp. 254-259, 2016. 1-_pro_and_retrospective_epidemiological_situation_of_avian_influenza_in_egypt.pdf
Zlitne, R. E. A., M. S. 24 S. A. Alaa Eldin Eissa 3, 2, M. Y. Elgendy, and M. Abdelsalam, "Vibriosis triggered mass kills in Pacific white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) reared at some Egyptian earthen pond-based aquaculture facilities", Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries, vol. 26, issue 3, pp. 261 – 277, 2022.