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MOROSAN, A. - E., G. OPREA, A. CIOBICA, and E. H. Rashwan, "A short review on some general depression and related disorders biomarkers, mainly based on age", Academy of Romanian Scientists, vol. 11, issue 2, pp. 125-130, 2022.
GHIDERSA, M., A. - M. NEGRU, G. PLAVAN, A. CIOBICA, and E. H. Rashwan, "Meta-analysis on some plant extracts benifits on neuropsychatric disorders models studied in Zebrafish", Academy of Romanian Scientists, vol. 10, issue 2, pp. 79-132, 2021.
Rashwan, E. H., M. M. Kamel, H. S. El-lethey, A. CIOBICA, K. E. G. Iraqi, and O. A. Ahmed-Farid, "Caffeine Ameliorating Effect on Anxiety and Depression in an Aluminum Chloride-induced Alzheimer's Disease Rat Model", International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research &Allied Sciences, vol. 7, issue 3, pp. 49-55, Submitted. caffeine_ameliorating_effect_on_anxiety_and_depression_in_an_aluminum.pdf