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A., E., E. S. Elzanfaly, and N. N. Salama, "Ratio derivative spectrophotometic methods for the determination of some oxicams in the presence of their alkaline degradation products", Scientia Pharmaceutica , vol. 71, issue 4, pp. 303-320, 2003.
Almalki, F. A., M. A. Motaleb, I. T. Ibrahim, R. S. A. Rizq, and E. S. Elzanfaly, "Radiosynthesis, chromatographic evaluation and biodistribution of [125I]iododobutamine as a radiotracer for myocardial perfusion imaging", Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, vol. 324, no. 2, pp. 459-466, 2020. AbstractWebsite