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B. M. Ayoub, S. Mowaka, E. S. Elzanfaly, M. M. Elmazar, and S. A. Mousa, "Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Empagliflozin in Healthy Egyptian Volunteers Using LC-MS/MS and Comparison with Other Ethnic Populations, by B. M. Ayoub, S. Mowaka, ", Scientific Reports, vol. 7 , issue 2583, pp. 2-9, 2017. scientific_reports_2017.pdf
Heragy, M. O., A. A. M. Moustafa, E. S. Elzanfaly, and A. S. Saad, "A portable solid-state potentiometric sensor based on a polymeric ion-exchanger for the assay of a controversial food colorant (sunset yellow)", Analytical Methods, vol. 13, no. 41, pp. 4896-4903, 2021. AbstractWebsite
Soudi, A. T., O. G. Hussein, E. S. Elzanfaly, H. E. Zaazaa, and M. Abdelkawy, "Potentiometric method to determine montelukast sodium in its tablets with in-line monitoring of its dissolution behaviour", Analytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 502-516, 2020. AbstractWebsite
Essam, H. M., Y. F. Bassuoni, E. S. Elzanfaly, H. E. - S. Zaazaa, and K. M. Kelani, "Potentiometric sensing platform for selective determination and monitoring of codeine phosphate in presence of ibuprofen in pharmaceutical and biological matrices", Microchemical Journal, vol. 159, 2020. AbstractWebsite
Motaleb, M. A., I. T. Ibrahim, A. R. S. Rizq, and E. S. Elzanfaly, "Preparation, chromatographic evaluation and biodistribution of 99mTc-procainamide as a radiopharmaceutical for heart imaging", Radiochim. Acta, 2016.