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MN Saad, MS Mabrouk, H. M. Essam, E. S. Elzanfaly, and S. M. Amer, "Economic chromatographic methods for simultaneous quantitation of some fluoroquinolones and corticosteroids present in different binary ophthalmic formulations", Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies, vol. 43, no. 7-8, pp. 271-281, 2020. AbstractWebsite
Mahmoud, A. M., MN Saad, MS Mabrouk, E. S. Elzanfaly, S. M. Amer, and H. M. Essam, "An electrochemical sensing platform to determine tetrahydrozoline HCl in pure form, pharmaceutical formulation, and rabbit aqueous humor", Analytical Methods, vol. 12, no. 22, pp. 2903-2913, 2020. AbstractWebsite
Bassuoni, Y. F., H. A. M. Essam, E. S. Elzanfaly, H. E. Zaazaa, and K. O. Kelani, "Ecofriendly Determinations of Pseudoephedrine HCl and Triprolidine HCl in Their Tablet Form: Evaluation of Dissolution Profile ", Chemistry Select , vol. 4, pp. 8946 –8952, 2019.