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Elsherpieny, E. A., and A. O. F. El_Maboud, "The Empirical Probability GeneratingM ethod for Inverted Poisson Distribution Based on Rapid Estimation", The 46'h Annual Conference.on Statistics, Computer Sciences and Operation Researc, ISSR. Cairo University, Egypt, 26-29Dec, 2011. emprical.pdf
eLsherpieny, E. A., and R. M. Shalaby, "Estimation of P(Y > X) for Weibull Distribution In the Presence of k Outliers", the 47th Annual Conference on Statistics, Computer Science and Operation Research, Egypt, pp. 23 - 36, 2012. paper_sayedrania_conferance_2012.pdf
Elsherpieny, E. A., "Estimation of Parameters of Mixed Generalized Exponentionally Distributions from Censored Type I Samples", Journal of Applied Sciences Research, vol. 3, issue 12, pp. 1696- 1700, 2007. mixed_generalized.pdf
eLsherpieny, E. A., and E. M. Almetwally, "The Exponentiated Generalized Alpha Power Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications", Pak.j.stat.oper.res. Vol.18 No.2 2022 pp 349-367, vol. 18, issue 2, pp. 349 - 367, 2022.