SBE 304 - Bio-Statistics


Course Description

Statistics has become an essential part of medical research. This Bio-Statistics course is designed for biomedical engineering introduce the principles of probability and statistics.

Course Learning Objectives

    1. Learn the Concepts and theories of probability theory.
    2. Understand the Methodologies of solving bioengineering problems using bio-statistics.
    3. Select appropriate statistics methods for analyzing problems.
    4. Obtain, analyze, and interpret data from biological and medical systems by using statistics to estimate parameters of these systems’ models and assess their limitations.
    5. Judge engineering hypotheses considering statistics analysis.
    6. Apply the principles of statistics in problem solving scenarios in biomedical engineering.
    7. Analyze experimental results and determine their accuracy and validity.
    8. Use laboratory computer and related software packages such as MatLab or Python.
    9. Work in stressful environment and within constraints while communicating effectively.
    10. Demonstrate efficient IT capabilities and effectively manage tasks, time, and resources.
Required Texts

“Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers” by Douglas C. Montgomery and George C. Runger, Third Edition, ISBN:0-471-20454-4, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003

Personal Message

I encourage you to work smart in this class to ensure that you get out of this experience what you need to fulfill your professional and personal goals and objectives. I will do my best to assist you in this process and to give you all that I have to contribute within the real constraints that all instructors must operate within. Most importantly, let us enjoy an intellectual and interpersonal exchange that we can take pride in having shared.