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Spasticity Effect in relation to body mass index on dynamic postural stability in patients with stroke, Fathy, Karim Ahmed, Baalawy Youssef Al, and Fadil Heba Gaber Abd El , Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research, Volume 11, Issue 2, p.23-28, (2021)
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Effect Of Motor Imagery Training On Urinary Incontinence In Patients With Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury,, Elbalawy, Youssef M., Salem Nahed A., Alfiki Ahmed A., and Moawde Mona A. , Med. J. Cairo Univ., , Volume Vol. 87, Issue , No. 2, September:, p. 99-105, (2019)
Effect of neuro dynamic mobilization on pain and hand grip strength in cervical radiculopathy pateints., Elbalawy, Youssef M., Mohammed Heba A., Elsaayed Enas M., and Ebrahim Aza A. , Med. J. Cairo Univ., , Volume Vol. 87, , Issue No. 1,, p.79-85, (2019)
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Efficacy of Electromagnetic Therapy on Facial Asymmetry in Patients with Chronic Bell ’s palsy., youssef m. elbalawy, Abdel El- Hamied I. El Sherbini, Abdelrhman I. Abdelghany, and El-Serougy Hager R. , NILES journal for Geriatric and Gerontology,2019; , Volume 2, Issue (2):, p.77-87, (2019)
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