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Atta, N. F., E. H. El-Ads, and A. Galal, "Self-Assembled Monolayers on Nano-structured Composites for Electrochemical Sensing Applications", Handbook of Nanoelectrochemistry: Springer, 2015.
Atta, N. F., E. H. El-Ads, and A. Galal, "Self-Assembly Monolayers: New Strategy of Surface Modification for Sensor Applications", Handbook of Designing Nanosensors for Chemical and Biological Applications: IFSA, 2017.
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Atta, N. F., E. H. El-Ads, S. H. Hassan, and A. Galal, "Surface Modification of Carbon Paste Electrode with Nano-Structured Modifiers: Application for Sub-Nano-Sensing of Paracetamol", journal of the electrochemical society, vol. 164, issue 12, pp. B519-B527, 2017.
Atta, N. F., M. H. BinSabt, E. H. El-Ads, and A. Galal, "Synthesis of neodymium-iron nano-perovskite for sensing applications of an anti-allergic drug", Turkish Journal of Chemistry, vol. 41, pp. 476-492, 2017.