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Atta, N. F., A. Galal, Y. M. Ahmed, and E. H. El-Ads, "Design strategy and preparation of a conductive layered electrochemical sensor for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dobutamine, acetaminophen and amlodipine", Sensors and Actuators B, vol. 297, issue 126648, 2019.
Atta, N. F., A. Galal, and E. H. El-Ads, "Effect of B-site doping on Sr PdO perovskite catalyst activity for nonenzymatic determination of glucose in biological fluids", Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, vol. 852, issue 113523, 2019.
Atta, N. F., E. H. El-Ads, A. Galal, and A. E. Galal, "Electrochemical Sensing Platform Based on Nano‐Perovskite/Glycine/Carbon Composite for Amlodipine and Ascorbic Acid Drugs", Electroanalysis, vol. 31, issue 3, pp. 448-460, 2019.
Atta, N. F., A. Galal, E. H. El-Ads, and A. E. Galal, "New insight in fabrication of a sensitive nanomagnetite/ glutamine/carbon based electrochemical sensor for determination of aspirin and omeprazole", journal of the electrochemical society, vol. 166, issue 2, pp. B161-B172, 2019.
Atta, N. F., A. Galal, E. H. El-Ads, and A. E. Galal, "Efficient electrochemical sensor based on gold nanoclusters/carbon ionic liquid crystal for sensitive determination of neurotransmitters and anti-Parkinson drugs", Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, vol. 10, issue 1, pp. 46-55, 2020.