Miss Ekram earned a BSc Degree in Chemistry in 2008 with distinction from Cairo University with excellent grade with honor. She earned a Master Degree in Physical Chemistry in the field of sensor from the same university in 2012.

Miss Ekram joined the Chemistry Department of Cairo University as an Administrator, on 2009,  as Assistant lecturer, on 2012 and as lecturer on 2016 till now. She worked with prof. Nada F. Atta and prof Ahmed Galal et al. from 2009 till now in the field of sensors, catalysis, surface modifications, nanotechnology, nanomaterials, surface techniques, etc...

The research interests of Miss Ekram are in the areas of applications of conducting polymers, metal nanoparticles and surface-active agents as electrochemical sensors for the determination of organic and biological molecules. Other areas of interest are: self-assembly monolayer and inorganic mixed metal oxides for sensors applications.

Miss Ekram earned the Cairo University first-class graduation award for the best achievement in chemistry, 2008, the best M.Sc award in the Faculty of Science 2012, the best PhD award in the Faculty of Science 2017, Cairo university encouragement award in chemistry 2019 and State encouragement award in chemistry, Egypt 2020.

Miss Ekram co-authored over 24 papers and 6 book chapters published in renowned international scientific journals.

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