Graduation Projects

Suggested Projects

It is my dream .. This dream divides into many B. Sc. graduation projects, M. Sc. thesises, and Ph. D. Dissertations. Competent and motivated persons only can participate. It is true challenge.

دورة حياة تليفون الصم والبكم

Some Supervised B.Sc. Graduation Projects :

  • Voice over IP, Video over IP, BlueTooth Server, WAP site of FCI.
  • Doctor Online, Middle East Crises Management, Arabic Web Browser.
  • Hardware Implementation of Encryption/Decryption Algorithms.
  • Pharmacy Online, Smart Map, I-University, I-Library.
  • E-World Cup 2010, WebCam Service Providing, E-Service Disk.
  • E-Export Center, E-Live Business, Arabic Closed Caption
  • Distance Learning, Egyptian Antivirus, Video in demand.
  • E-Hospital, Arabic Search Engine, LAN Monitoring.
  • E-Press Publishing Center, Voice Over IP.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Application.
  • WebCam Streaming, VoiceXML, Remote Voice Command Thru Mobile
  • Multimedia based tele-operation, Mobile Agents

Mobile Video Streaming over Bluetooth (Selected as the best project in the MCIT)

Challenging Projects

See Future Shopping using RFID

SmartRacer - the iPhone controlled RC model car

Sphero with his Chariot


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