Online Assessment (ELE007)


One of the most common forms of computer aided assessment (in terms of eLearning) is online quizzes or exams. These can be implemented online, and also marked by the computer by putting the answers in. Many Content Management Systems will have easy to setup and use systems for online exams. 

This course explores how the assessment of students and their learning is evolving in ways that capitalize on developments in communications and information technology. Underpinning our exploration is a review of key assessment purposes, processes and guiding principles. This underpinning makes it possible to consider emerging as well as more established directions in online and e-assessment, while also being alert to both pedagogical and technological considerations, and thus to the conceptual and practical issues raised.

The domains of online assessment surveyed include multiple-choice questioning, confidence- or certainty-based marking, e-feedback, collaborative and multi-author assignments, patchwork texts and portfolios. At various points in the course, you will be encouraged to relate what you learn to your subject area, professional setting and institution.

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