Developing Digital Learners (ELE003)


This course will focus on learner development for online learning. While it will enable you to better understand how effective learning skills can be nurtured in online environments in particular, much of what is learned will be equally relevant in offline contexts. 

One key theme in this course will be the processes of transition and adjustment which individuals experience as they come to terms with online environments and new demands on them as learners. The impact of individuals’ learning histories and identities on their engagement with online environments will be considered, along with a focus on the distinctive ‘ways of thinking and practicing’ which exist in particular academic and learning communities. These will be considered with particular reference to learners’ engagement with the varied communicative genres available in online settings, including issues relating to effective use of sources and plagiarism.

Rather than offering an emphasis on discrete study skills, this course will consider how learners can be supported to become more skilled in monitoring and regulating their own learning processes.

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