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فرص عمل لخريجينا في شركة DELL-EMC


“ Dell EMC – Egypt COE would like you to take a short programming challenge so we can get a better sense of your programming skills.

Please use the following link to access your test. After clicking the link you will be able to practice with a demo or start the test.

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آخر تصحيح

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EMC2 Big Data Analytics Certificate Instructions

Dear Students

Assalamo Allikom

It is an honor to me to serve you.

You have to send me an email showing your Name (First, father, and Grand Father)- each starts with capital letter.

Your Id.

This mail should be send from your official FCI mail.

My email is :

Best wishes for ALL

الأجندة الدراسية

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The Last update of Group 9 + Group 16

Group 9

The last Update of EduEgypt Year work

Group 1

Year work for EduEgypt Program Course


إعلان مهم لطلاب بكالوريوس تكنولوجيا المعلومات - ملخص المشروع مهم تسليمه

يجب على كل مجموعة تقديم ملخص المشروع لسكرتارية القسم لأنها جزء من تقييم المشروع