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Abdrabou, M. I., E. M. M. Elleithy, N. A. E. Yasin, Y. M. Shaheen, and M. Galal, "Ameliorative effects of Spirulina maxima and Allium sativum on lead acetateinduced testicular injury in male albino rats with respect to caspase-3 gene expression", Acta Histochemica, vol. 121 , pp. 198–206, Submitted.
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Gala, M. K., E. M. M. Elleithy, M. I. Abdrabou, N. A. E. Yasin, and Y. M. Shaheen, "Modulation of caspase-3 gene expression and protective effects of garlic and spirulina against CNS neurotoxicity induced by lead exposure in male rats", Neurotoxicology, vol. 72 , pp. 15–28, Submitted.
Bakeer, M. R., and E. M. M. Elleithy, "Renoprotective effect of pumpkin oil and olive oil against gentamicin sulphate induced nephrotoxicity in male albino rat", wulfenia journal, vol. 27, pp. 30-58, Submitted.
E, E. - L., E. - S. M.A, A. - S. A, E. - H. H, and S. Y., "Seasonal Immunohistochemical Expression of Androgen Receptor (AR) in The Harderian Gland (HG) of Male Rabbit", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH, vol. 3, issue 8, pp. 479-489, Submitted.
Mansour, Y. A., E. - S. M. M. Mosallam, S. Hussein, E. M. M. Elleithy,, Jouini R, A. S. Mubarak, T. M. Dawoud, R. A. Alsubki, Jwaher H. Alhaji, Hassan A. Hemeg, et al., Immunolocalization of androgen and vitamin D receptors in the epididymis of mature ram (Ovis aries), , 2021.