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Sanaa M. M. Shanab is a Professor of Phycology currently works in Botany and Microbiology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt. She had her Doctorat d’etat from France. She published over 60 papers, 3 books and 2 chapters in different areas of Phycology. She supervised on 4 M.Sc. and 6 Ph.D. theses. She reviewed numerous online articles, 23 M.Sc. and 5 Ph.D. theses to most of the Egyptian Universities. She attended 7 FLDC workshops, numerous symposium and workshops, 2 online webinars, 6 scientific training courses as well as 24 scientific conferences. She received numerous publications awards since 2011 untill now. She is an active member in 4 regional and international scientific journals and a member of the scientific editorial board of Baghdad Journal of Science. Referee member in both the Permanent Scientific Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for evaluating scientific researches for graduation of lecturers and assistant professors and the Permanent Scientific Committee (Ecology sector) of the National Research Center for evaluating scientific researches for graduation of researchers and assistant researcher professors.