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SALEM, M. A. I. A., O. A. Mahdy, M. I. Shalaan, and R. M. Ramadan, "The phylogenetic position and analysis of Renicola and Apharyngostrigea species isolated from Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)", Scientific Reports, vol. 16195 (2023), 2023. print_renicola.pdf
Mahdy, O. A., A. zaki, M. M. Khalifa, A. Al-Mokaddem, and M. M. Attia, "Genetic characterization and pathogenic effects of Hepatozoon canis infection in police dogs; Egypt", Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2024.
Mahdy, O. A., M. A. I. A. SALEM, M. Abdelsalam, I. B. Shaheed, and M. M. Attia, "Immunological and Molecular Evaluation of Zoonotic Metacercarial Infection in Freshwater Fish: A Cross-Sectional Analysis", Research in Veterinary Science, 2024.
Mahdy, O. A., S. A. zaied Maogood, M. I. Shalaan, and M. A. I. A. SALEM, "A multidisciplinary study on Clinostomum infections in Nile tilapia: micro-morphology, oxidative stress, immunology, and histopathology", BMC Veterinary Research (2024), 2024.