Professor Olfat Anter Mahdy obtained a BSc in May 1984 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University, a Master Degree from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University and a PhD from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University Her research is focused on how the Parasitic infection affects fish and birds and the important role played between different hosts resulting in identification of the complete life cycles of parasitic diseases.
Positions held by Prof. Dr. Olfat Anter Mahdy:
•    Demonstrator at  Parasitology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, from 1984-1988.
•    Assistant Lecturer of Parasitology , Faculty of VeterinaryMedicine,1988 .  
•    Lecturer,  of Parasitology, Faculty o Veterinary Medicine, 1991 .  
•    Associate Professor of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo    university ,1996.
•    Professor of Parasitology, Faculty of    Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University from 2001 till now.
Theoretical lectures and practical of under grade ant student at level 2 &3;
 Helminthology Course (256)
 Entomology Course (305)
 Protozoolgy Courses (306)

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